Prefabricated Panel Pool

High Technology and Engineering

100% developed by Turkish engineers and produced by domestic metarials and by forming very strong and healthy pool side walls. Other System Parts are complemented by Galvanized Steel Backrest System, Special Production Aluminum Intermediate and Connecting Parts. In this respect, high strength is provided in skeletal strucure.

Panel Pool Technology

When you have CO-PANEL pool, it means that you will get back what you spend and your expectations, even more,. If you have a panel pool, it means that Money you spend, energy and time will be at a minimum.


Fipool panel systems are not limited in size and dimension. Production can be done in desired size, from and dimension

Prefabricated panel pond systems we appşy: tecnology used in construction of swimming pools are based on principle of minimizing costs by building desired shapes and sizes of pools together with all their functions in most robust and short time.